How to choose an alarm system for the home

Alarm system is a good option to combat insecurity. As there are several types, we will see the characteristics of each one to know which is the most convenient in our home.

The alarm system of our home is more than a mere complement: it is an active system of tranquility, protection, and – redundance – security. And choosing the most convenient alarm can be the key that allows us to save, maintain a safe home, and obtain the much needed peace of mind while we are away, as well as while we are inside.

To choose the most convenient system for the alarm of our home we have to take into account the characteristics of our house. We must know the amount of income it has (doors and windows), its location and distribution, and also the security systems attached, such as bars and bars on doors and windows.

Types of alarms

If our house has a few doors and windows, contact alarm systems will be ideal. These have sensors composed of two parts, one is placed in the frame of the door or window, and the other on the mobile sheet. When the opening is opened and the pieces are separated, a cable directs the information to the control panel and activates the alarm. One of them is always configured with a delay of between 30 and 60 seconds to allow the occupants access, thus being able to deactivate the alarm manually, either with a key or with a code.

If the house has many openings, perhaps the most convenient is an alarm system with sensors. These have a peripheral sensitivity, allowing their placement in each room or space. The most suitable ones make a reading of movements and temperature, so that, for example, when moving a curtain, the alarm does not sound, but it will be activated when a hot body travels through space.

Whatever your home security alarms are, make sure you buy them from a trusted provider.

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