How to Achieve the Eclectic Southern-Style Interior Design

Interior design trends come and go, but what remains are personal details with immense sentimental value. One, and perhaps the only, interior design style that fully encaptures the emotion of a family home speaks of the South and its heirlooms. A mixture of old and new, it never goes out of fashion.

Here’s how to capture its effortlessly eclectic spirit, in five easy steps.

  1. Create Flow to Make Small Spaces Feel Bigger

Good designers are like magicians – they use tricks to create an illusion.

Such is the use of large elements in Southern-style interior design, which allows you to make small places feel bigger. Consider wide doors or repeating draperies and wall patterns – they open up a room without making it cluttered, thus achieving a flow that promises both relief and functionality.

  1. Surround Yourself with Meaningful Memories

Family photographs and time-honored collectibles.

The Southern style dictates that designers should pay homage to family heirlooms without ever creating any clutter. It relies on personal memories and objects of sentimental value to provide decor, so feel free to surround yourself with everything that fills your heart with nostalgia. Your home is your shrine.

  1. Combine Antiquities with New-Age Splendor

Old Southern homes are spacious, which allows designers to play with details, patterns, and textures. But who says you cannot do the same in a cramped space? Not only can Southern home accents be both old and new, but they should purposely make the interior of your family home more eclectic.

One gorgeous way to achieve this is by repurposing antiques.

  1. Fuse Colours, Styles, Patterns, and Textures

Speaking of eclecticism in interior design, the Southern style is just perfect for combining different colors, styles, patterns, and textures. Don’t be afraid of mixing them. Use clashing materials such as shearling, mohair, velvet, and linen, and also add a hint of whimsical with handmade, unique pieces.

Remember, the Southern style is everything but serious and staid.

  1. When in Doubt, Always Opt for Authenticity

If you’re not sure how to mix accents with furniture, don’t worry.

Anything that feels authentic to you, every piece of decor that speaks to your heart, can become a focal point of your Southern-style home. Some DIY designers express this sentiment with plants, others do it with family portraits. The whole beauty of this style is that you can find your own voice.

The rule of thumb is here very simple – when in doubt, just follow your heart.

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