How I made millions building a locksmith business in South Austin Texas.

We all have this dream of running our own businesses comfortably from our private pool. We all wonder what it would feel like to be a millionaire, you know that kind that you see in the Hollywood movies. But what if I told you that you do not have to be a Hollywood elitist in order to make millions of dollars and to live the life of your dreams. Would you believe it? Well you should believe it because your dreams are going to come true. And this is how I did it….

Back in 1986 I swam across the Rio Grande from Ciudad Juarez. I made it. I was so happy. I was only 11 years old but I wanted to come to America to become a locksmith. At first I thought that I might do bad things with my locksmith skills, but that was from watching too much television. I knew from looking at other local South Austin locksmiths that there was a way to run a healthy honest life without being a crook. And I did not want to be a crook!

So, what I did instead of going to real full time school is instead I took adult classes for high school at night then studied and practiced being a locksmith during the day. In the beginning I have a white boy friend that was going to build a locksmith with me, but he later dropped out of the idea and went on to play professional football. I kept studying and persisting. And now I am pushing 40 and I made over a million bucks. Who would of thought that a Mexican like me would have been able to amass so much money!?

What is the secret to the millions that I have made? Simple; I set my dreams high and I never settled. Every since the beginning I wanted to have a multi-national brand name. So I thought up the name Locking Key Masters. No one has that name and it rules! The name is everything and when the potential customer sees the name they know right away that I am the locking key master! I am a beast. My local locksmith services destroy any other service in the local city. Well, once I took over South Austin Texas it was really easy for my suitableness to grow into other parts of the world. My local locksmith services in South Austin are infectious. They easily move in and start helping local Austin residents with locksmith services. Pretty cool how easily it works! You know why? It is all in the branding and giving the customer the experience that they did not expect.

I went from swimming the Rio Grande to freedom, all the way to having State Senators as friends. The first real special person that I met was a probation officer (not mine someone elses) I felt so warm knowing that they cared about me and my people. But that was a long time ago. And now our locksmith business will be staking a claim on the moon. If we could we would! Because that has always been my locksmith businesses motto “If we can be locksmith heroes we will then!”.

Now I have locksmith establishments set up all across the place. All the techs are placed through schooling which will give them the training needed to operate in their local areas. This way we know for sure that the techs that are hired are not lying and idiots like most of the competition is. The competition hires people who do not even have drivers licenses! And now that is scary!

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