Great Ideas to Use French Country Drapes in Your Home

Instead of doing big changes and modification in the home to create an elegant and pleasant look, you can simply use the French country drapes. Actually, French country decorating items are a perfect balance of elegance and sophistication along with the comfort and practicality. Being the stylish interior decorating item, it always stands at the peak of the popularity.

In the French country style, both styles and patterns comprise of contrasting fabrics. Additionally, the color of both decors is highly affected by all things pastoral. The use of restraint is the major difference between French and American country. Generally, French country is restrained and refined.

If you are going to decorate your home with French country style drapes, then you can take inspiration from the below section.

Why do people wish to have French country drape

Here are the exact elements, which make French country window treatment the best.

  • Amazing patterns right from floral prints to the straightforward stripes
  • Eye-catching texture includes tiny tassels, ruffles, etc
  • Incredible color palette, which is visually appealing
  • Excellent depictions of the animals and farm life scenes

Excellent French country draping ideas

  • Toile roman shades

The term toile indicates the decorative pattern, which is associated with the Provencal rural homes. It offers a great glimpse of peaceful and relaxing pastoral living such as farm scenes and picnic. If you think to afford this shade of drape, you will find the print with the perfect combination of red, black, white, and blue. It also has elegant and appealing folds, which displays a cozy and luxury feel.

The rare combination of conventional design and rich fabric suits well for your windows with the white molded frames. It renders a beautiful and trendy contour to the shades and makes them appear more impressive. Since it is versatile, it can complement with any furniture pieces and make the atmospheres romantic and grandeur.

  • Weathered and worn

To follow French country styles, simply install the wooden shutters. Having the French country drapes, which made of weathered and worn wood in the shades of pebbled gray provide a natural yet charming look. It also allows the natural light source to any room so that it is perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, and others.

This drape hardware renders an additional layer of the superior patina. Choosing the right rods and tiebacks of the wood or metal in the dark color is adding compliment to your drapes. This contemporary drape helps you achieve both traditional and modern look at the same time.

  • Mixing fabrics

The uncommon practice in making draperies in the past is combining various patterns and fabrics. People often use surpluses from making a dress and material scraps to make the drape. This pleasant looking mix surely gives a soft and appealing sense to your home. To enhance the aesthetic of the drape, you can utilize delicate floral motifs along with solid pastels.

However, you should select the right color of the fabric firstly and then give the finishing touch. Do not forget that you must hire the sew transition between two lace. If you wish, then you can add some decorating items.

  • Curtains with animal motifs

In the French traditional homes, you will usually find the decorative motifs, which often portray animals such as hen, cattle, sheep, and others from the farm. This picturesque depiction of farm animals gives you a feeling of living in a rural area, which makes connections with their nature and surroundings.

Access this curtain if you wish to recreate those ambiances in your home. Ensure your drape has similar colorful pictures along with the vintage background. This conventional style curtain works much better in the classic dining room and kitchens.

  • Handmade curtains

French provincial curtain designs have some fresh example of handmade pieces, which reflect the original skill of the rural wives. In the handmade curtains, you will find traditional techniques such as crochet and cutwork items. These things are extremely famous in the French peasants home.

Do you wish to recreate this draping style? You must have a needle lace, crochet patterns, and borders to display on the cotton or linen. This curtain is perfect for floor-to-ceiling because it provides such a classy look.

Besides, you will find much French country drapes ideas such as a French cottage drape with a modern touch, vibrant colors café curtains, and so on.

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