Great Ideas for an Ultra-cool Man Cave

A little getaway in your own home is not such a bad idea after all! A man cave is ideal for some space and privacy when you need it most.

Any spacious room in your house that is not under use can basically be turned into a man cave. Maybe a basement or even garage that is not under use anymore.

A man cave should not look boring. Here are some tips on how to make your man cave lively.

  1. Get a perfect location

You need to decide on the best place for a man cave. This will be determined by any number of factors starting with the available space in you home. Although, most people prefer their man cave to be in the basement or away from the house.

However, any other free room or space can be used as a man cave effectively. The idea of using free space that is already available is cheap since you will not spend anything on creating a room.

  1. Furniture and accessories

To make your man cave homely and cozy, equip it with furniture and accessories like you would do with the living area. You might think it is a costly idea, but it is worth it.

Let space limit you! Accessories such as fridge and microwave will help when passing your time in your man cave.

  1. Get a theme

A theme will make your man cave feel lively. Get a crazy yet unique theme inspired from what you love doing.

The theme should be evident in everything including the furniture and walls.

  1. Make a beautiful signboard

Add some personal touch to your man cave. Custom your sign board and write your own words. As cheap as this idea is, it will still add some beauty to your man cave.

Funny and sarcastic words will always be entertaining to your friends whenever you are hanging out with them in the man cave.

  1. Moroccan floor rugs


A man cave space will always seem to have something missing if you do not have a carpet to cover the floor.

In case your man cave is in a cold room, you can cheaply keep it warm by having a big Moroccan rug on the floor. It is fun to walk barefooted on a warm floor.

  1. A table with a customized cooler

Many find it fun to have a few drinks maybe with friends in a man cave. Customize a cooler in the middle of the table which you can make yourself to save you the space that a fridge would have been put.

Also, this cooler will be way cheaper than buying a whole fridge or regular cooler. This idea will keep all the people in the man cave gathered in one focal area.

Other than cooling drinks, the cooler is creative and unique and thus add beauty to your man cave.

  1. A hidden man cave

The whole point of having a man cave is to have your free space away from everyone else to have your peace of mind.

Cheaply hide your man cave by having bookshelves on the door. No one would suspect your man cave is behind the bookshelves.

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