Get To Know How To Turn Wooden Barrel Into Flowerpots

Whiskey barrels have multiple uses, other than for storing away the whiskey, spirit and rum and even wine for aging. Once the alcoholic beverages are removed from the drums, they will be used for many purposes like turning them into water fountains, sink base, portable bar in your home, etc.

The aged look of the barrels will add aesthetic value to your terrace garden. You can use them as flowerpots. Here are some helpful ideas that can help you turn a barrel into a flowerpot.

  • Through the bilge hoops of the metal on the barrel drill a hole. The drills should be near the centre of the container. You can make use of the drill of 3/16 inches to easily frill the outlet.
  • Through the wood and also through the metal on the barrel screw small screws. The main purpose here is to secure the hoops. The screws will keep the hoop from coming off the wooden slats of the staves and ride up.
  • Measure the height of the barrel and divide the number by 2. Now make a mark on the centre of the barrel and continue making the dots around the centre region of the cask. The points will become the dotted line from where you will need to cut the barrel into two halves.
  • Now cut through the lines at the centre with the help of the saw.
  • Just the way you see the holes at the base of the flowering pots, you should make around four holes at the base of the barrel but at equal distances. Make sure to keep around 2 inches of space between the hole and the basal region of the barrel. This will reduce the chances of holes getting clogged due to soil debris.
  • Now start filling the barrel pieces with the mixture of compost and soil and firmly press the mixture into the container.
  • Add everything inside the barrel such as the fertilizer that you prefer for your plant or seed. Remember to add the fertilizer at the top third region above the soil mixture layer.
  • Make small pockets inside the barrel and start placing the empty flower pots inside the barrel, into the soil. If you already have the potted plants, then transfer the whole content of the pot inside the soil within the barrel.
  • Start slowly pouring water into the barrel. Continue the process till you start seeing the water oozing out of the holes that you have created at the base of the barrels. This will help the soil not only to hold onto the barrel lining, but also offer enough moisture to the plant or seed.

The best way of making sure that the plant roots get enough supply of water is by watering it every time you feel that the soil has become dry. If you are residing in California and not sure about how to make barrels flowerpots, then you can always take help from the experts working at The Hungarian Workshop. You will get excellent quality flowerpots made out of barrels, at affordable price.

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Fred Pipkin has written this guest post. If you wish to increase the aesthetic value of your garden, then wooden barrel flowerpots are an excellent choice. The Hungarian Workshop is the right option, if you are from California and in search of some local woodwork experts. Visit them and avail wonderful ideas for decorating your garden with wooden decorative items.

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