Four Types of Pressure Water Nozzle Tips

Pressure washing can be quite an awesome tool when it comes to home maintenance. Obviously, this would serve more practical outside.  You could use a Unimanix pressure washer to perform many types of jobs:

  • Remove dirt from your car exterior
  • Clean debris from your wood deck
  • Rinse the driveway from dirt, oil, and other discolorations
  • Clean dirt forms your home’s exterior
  • Wash the exterior of high windows that might be otherwise difficult to reach

For now, though, let’s take a look at the 7 types of pressure washer nozzles and how they might best serve your home’s outdoor needs.


The zero-degree pressure washer nozzle tip shoots a direct jet/stream of water.  When this jet hits the surface of an object, the result of a spray only about the size of a quarter coin. Obviously, this is a very direct spray with a lot of power that does not fan out at all; it is rarely used because it is so powerful.  You should really only use this if you have concentrated, caked-on mud (think construction equipment or off-road vehicles) or for things like rust.


The 15-degree pressure washer nozzle tip can shoot a wider sheet of water at a surface.  Because of the spread, of course, the surface pressure applied from this type of nozzle is less than the zero-degree.  This nozzle tip is most often recommended for preparing surfaces to be painted but, at the right distance, can also be reasonable for removing dirt and mud from a 4×4 vehicle.


The 25-degree pressure washer nozzle tip sprays an even larger sheet of water; you could say that it fans out more. Of course, this means that the surface pressure it displaces is actually quite gentle, though it is not the lightest type of pressure washer nozzle tip. This nozzle tip is the most common for basic home use as it can clean your car, the patio furniture, driveways, a boat, and more


The 40-degree pressure washer nozzle tip is easily the gentlest spray.  This one would be recommended for rinsing your car as you wash or for cleaning windows without risk of breaking them.  Generally, you would use this nozzle tip for gentle cleaning of fragile surface that you do not want to risk cracking or breaking.

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