Four Tips to Avoid the Car Lockout Situation

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Losing car keys is almost a habit for many. Sometimes, drivers lock themselves out while the key is still inside the car. Even worse are the cases where the car key breaks right inside its lock. The result is a stressful car lockout situation that most often leaves you stranded on the road. Since breaking into your car is never a good option, having an auto locksmith in St Louis number saved is always recommended.

Below is a list of tips to help car owners to avoid the car lockout situation easily.

Tip 1

Be attentive

Hanging out at the local pub with friends? Having a frenzied day at work? No matter what the situation is, make it a habit to put the keys into your pocket, a box on the table or any one single safe place. If you are looking for something in the trunk of the car, be sure to not leave them behind. Sophisticated cars do not allow drivers to lock the keys inside the car easily. However, this is not always impossible, and many such cases have been reported in the past.

Tip 2

Add a bright keychain to your car key

A distinct or bigger keychain constantly reminds you of the keys. People notice such key chains easily and can help trace car keys even if you have lost them at a party, get-together or at work. Some key chains can also be attached to bags or belts and thus act as a safer option to store the keys.

Tip 3

Have a spare key at home as well as at work

If you have a spare key at work but have been locked out of your car at the grocery store near your home, there is no probably nothing much you can do than call your 24-hour locksmith in St Louis. Have multiple spare keys and leave them in places that might be of optimal use during lockout situations. It is also better to leave a spare with your housemate or partner as they can be reached for help easily.

Tip 4

Replace the battery

In most recent auto models, a well-functioning fob does not allow driver to lock the car while it is still inside the vehicle. Check the fob batteries regularly (slow locking and opening car doors are indicative of a dying battery) and replace them whenever needed. A dead battery in the car can also cause a lockout situation.

A car lockout situation is not the end of the road. While standing outside your locked car with no clue about the misplaced keys can be quite stressful, a trusted locksmith in St. Louis, Missouri can always come to ease the situation.

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