Five Sure Signs Your Home Was Decorated By Millennials!

You enter an austere home populated by IKEA, neutral colors and random wall art. You’ve probably entered the home of a Millennial. The tasteful décor perhaps seems simplistic, but it’s more likely minimalistic. That may occur from choice or budget.

The Millennial generation may not start out with a big budget, but they have impeccable taste. Their décor follows the same course as their fashion choices – a great look at a reasonable price. This generation looks for a combination of comfort, inspiration, design, and affordability. Looks matter.

Design Study

Their time online may seem wasted at times, but this visually oriented generation researches design and décor online. Using sites like Houzz, Instagram, Pinterest, and Remodelista, coupled with home interior blogs, this generation choosing quality while hunting down an acceptable price. If the home seems barren, it means the budget was low. Millennials will save to buy a single nice piece to compliment décor rather than purchase cheap items or use the time-tested milk crate covered with a piece of plywood.

Mix and Match

Entering the Millennial home shows a mix of vintage and new, high and low, an expensive look that may not have a matching price tag. Forget shabby chic. That’s Gen X. These vintage pieces feature a re-finish job worthy of museum display.

Another bonus of the austere interior is an easy move. It increases mobility to have only a couple of important pieces to transfer to a new location.

Eclectic Mix of Styles and Looks

The Millennial style choices run the gamut from industrial and mid-century to minimalist and Scandinavian. These homes mix wood and metal in the architecture and furniture. Look for wood floors and paneling, interior brick walls and metal accents like bronze and copper.

The heavy use of wood provides a neutral color that’s maintained throughout the home. This includes whitewashed wood that blends well with popular gray tones. Scandinavian whites also populate these homes.

Look for a single pop of color, such as an accent wall or a bold single element. A couch in a unique color such as teal or orange stands out against the neutral tones on floors, walls, and ceilings. Also, look for colorful wallpaper, but forget the wainscoting.

Next Generation “Do-It-Yourselfers”

Millennials look to HGTV and YouTube to learn how to restore favorite pieces. While their budgets remain tiny, their work ethic is big. They’ll personalize their space with their own work and provide it quality pieces by restoring them on their own. Re-purposing furniture also proves popular with this set. This reinforces their environmentalist notions by saving items that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Peer into the bedrooms and you’ll probably see a homemade headboard that looks store bought.

Friendship Through Furnishings

These homes are populated with roomy, comfy couches, sectionals, and chaise lounges that encourage sitting as a group. Television screens dwarf otherwise normal furnishings because gaming in some manner occurs on them. It may be a smart TV that provides a large screen view of an online game like World of Warcraft or a film screen version of a PlayStation or Wii game. Regardless of the medium, these living areas’ designs lend themselves to group time. Look for sectionals with a large coffee table in front or roomy end tables. When they work from home, they tend to do so on the sofa, so it requires comfort and roominess.

You’ll likely recognize a Millennial home upon entry. Appreciate the austere look and rich design. It required lots of work, but little money. That leaves them more for an experiential vacation.

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