Five Fantastically Designed Restaurants

Traditional With A Modern Twist specialise in creating original, bespoke restaurant designs that are fantastically innovative. Their design at The Fleece Countryside Inn, overlooking the Ryburn Valley near Halifax, has transformed a derelict tavern into a thriving business. The interior, with York stone and wooden flooring, oak panelled walls and ceiling beams, together with traditional furniture have captured all the charm of a bygone era that empathises with the Inn’s countryside setting. The contemporary styling of the bar area complete with marble topped tables complements the design providing a perfect blend of old and new sophistication.

All At Sea

The buffet style Chaobaby Thai restaurants in Birmingham, Manchester and Sheffield have luxurious ocean surroundings. Blue tiled floors, sand coloured curved beams in the ceiling and white half moon seats create an impression of waves while decorative blue glass panels in the walls seem to offer a glimpse of the ocean itself. The lighting is truly remarkable as long spirals of glass with collections of deep pink, yellow and white glass globes are like an illuminated coral reef. An open plan island kitchen amidst a sea of seats and tables plus a blue and white spiral staircase complete a sophisticated nautical fantasy.

Caribbean Flavouring

One of the most striking features of’s design at Levi Roots’ Caribbean Smokehouse at Westfield, London, is the open plan island kitchen containing a wood burning fire pit. Distressed blue wood panelling and flooring give a reclaimed image. Littered with narrow pillars of timbers conveying the impression of a hastily constructed Jamaican hut, the spacious dining area is filled with blue leather padded benches and wooden beach style tables and chairs. Corrugated tin ceiling panels held together with rafters and complete with a large, central fan, present a uniquely atmospheric design which delivers a truly authentic Caribbean smokehouse.

A Touch Of Class

Set within a 17th Century mansion, The Residence Restaurant And Bar in Nantwich is a design of simply stunning elegance. With a tasteful colour scheme of white, silver grey and gold, have created a realistic impression of a banqueting hall by using long tables and padded benches. Archways and alcoves illuminated by tulip shaped lights add to the Regency atmosphere. For those seeking a little more privacy, hidden amongst the potted palms are cosy recesses with small tables and chairs of silver grey, gold and green.

Indian Express

The walls of painstakingly restored brickwork and added decorative metal girders form the background of Harrow’s Bombay Central restaurant, conveying a realistic impression of an Indian railway station diner. Long tables, brown leather seating and lighting made of tin railway lamps create an atmospheric, antique appearance. Authentic Indian artefacts, hand made trellises, a blue and grey tiled floor and a sophisticated stainless steel bar provide a modern day contrast.’s unique, detailed style has transformed yet another restaurant into something fantastically special that will have guests admiring the originality and authenticity of the décor as much as the enticing cuisine.

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