Express Toughening – 4 Types of obscure glass

When it comes to installing glass, there are several considerations to make before you finalise your decision. Express toughening is a supplier and manufacturer of obscure glass that is perfect for obscuring attention but which type of obscure glass suits you best?

The experts at Express Toughening use state of the art equipment to produce unique obscure glass patterns and here’s what they can create:

Sandblasted glass.

If you’re a fan of the Victorian etched glass, you’re bound to love the sandblasted glass that Express Toughening supply!

This type of glass is ideal if you want to obscure attention to maintain a certain degree of privacy. Not only can the sandblasted obscure glass make it difficult to see clearly what’s on the other side of the glass, it offers a smooth, opaque finish.

Sandblasted glass is best-suited to creative designs and graphics. Express Toughening manufacture this glass for logos and brands, providing a professional finish. If you wanted to add your logo to glass, sandblasting is often considered to be the most effective method that allows you to use your imagination.

Oriel glass.

OK, so glass may be needed to divert attention from what’s on the inside, however, it doesn’t need to be plain and boring! Express Toughening supply obscure glass patterns to enhance the overall value of a property and to brighten up the interior of a home.

The fact that the oriel glass can be clear or patterned is ideal for your stylish needs and requirements. It’s often used for bathrooms once it has been toughened, offering resistance against high impacts and pressures.

Express Toughening don’t manufactureoriel glass just to look pretty and elegant, it’s perfect for retaining heat and keeping volumes to a minimumtoo.

If you consider privacy to be highly important, it’s recommended that you view samples from Express Toughening before you make up your mind whether the obscure glass is suitable for you!

Frosted Satin.

Who said you can’t make a home warm using glass? The installation of obscure glass that’s frosted will instantaneously make your home feel warmer and more elegant. In addition to this, the frosted satin obscure glass patterns won’t make any compromise to the light that surpasses through the glass.

Despite the frosted satin glass being obscure, it still enables light to diffuse through the glass, whether it be used for furniture, doors, shower screens, balustrades or wall cladding.

What’s more: the obscure glass patterns of the frosted satin glass are designed to requireminimal maintenance, removing any dirt particles.

Patterned glass.

The patterned glass supplied by Express Toughening is perfect for making a property more private. Whilst maintaining privacy, the patterned glass is ideal for making a stylish statement.

Express Toughening supply this type of obscure glass in various levels of obscurity, these start from Level 1 which is symbolical for little opacity and range to Level 5 which offers the most privacy, all of which maintain a quality finish!

If installed correctly, high-quality obscure glass patterns will truly enhance the appearance of your property, making it more innovative and sophisticated. Patterned glass always works well in bathrooms, cabinets and other pieces of furniture.

The team at Express Toughening will be more than happy to provide you with any necessary advice regarding their distinct types of obscure glass patterns, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with them!

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