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Everything You Need To Know About Electronic Deadbolt Locks for your Commercial Business

Locks come in many shapes, sizes, and types for your commercial business. There are mechanical deadbolt locks, electronic deadbolt locks and even locks that are too complicated even for tech-savvy homeowners to operate. However, the aim of these locks is to offer security to your home by not allowing an intruder into your home. The lock industry has evolved for years and the time has come for people to embrace the electronic deadbolt locks available in the market. To help you understand better these locks. Let’s focus on what they are, the benefits and disadvantage of using them.

What are electronic deadbolt locks?

An electronic deadbolt lock is the kind of lock that allows you to customize them with personal information. The locks make it easier for you to give your friends and family member access to your home using their smart devices. Some of these locks like the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt lock, allow you to customize till what time of the day the pin is valid. Past that time, you need to change the pin to access your  business.

Electronics deadbolt locks pros

Greater access control

When using the electronic deadbolt lock, you can decide who accessing your home at what time of the day or night. You can set the pin to be used at certain hours of the day and change after this time elapses. These are especially significant if there are people who need to access your home during certain times of the day like your god walker or babysitter.

Easy installation

The word electronic should not scare you at all. No wiring or tools involved. You can do it yourself, but it’s always better to call a commercial locksmith. A commercial locksmith will assist you best with all of your options.

Keyless convenience

You don’t need keys to open and lock the door. A pin or smart device is all you need to access your commercial property.

Cons of electronic deadbolt locks

More expensive

If you are not planning to invest much on your locks, then the electronic deadbolt is not the option for you. These locks will cost you anything from $100 to $250 or even more.

Limited style options

While these locks look sleek, they are only available in a handful of finishes and a couple of styles. When compared to mechanical deadbolt locks, the style options are limited.

You must change the battery and always remember your pin

Minus the pin and changing the battery, you won’t access your home. Some have the option of back up pin. This way you will have it when you need it.

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