Essential Tips to Host a Successful Estate Sale

As more families grow older, move, or just de-clutter their houses, estate sales are becoming more popular these days. With the right professionals guiding through the process, liquidating an estate doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing.

Here are a few tips to successfully host an estate sale.

Advertise Strategically

One of the most important things to guarantee that people even know about your estate sale is having a great sign that you’ve put up all around town. Check out other estate sale signs that have caught your interest and figure out where they were placed and why they were appealing to you. Then, use those same strategies to create your own sign and advertise the sale to people in your area.

Put a Face to your Belongings

People don’t just shop at estate sales for the great deals; they also come to collect items with a history and a story behind them. Being available to give background on your items, particularly family heirlooms or antiques that were handed down for generations and have withstood the tests of time increases your customers’ interest in your items and the value of the items themselves.

Stay Friendly and Positive

At the busiest point of the day, an estate sale can seem hectic and overcrowded. To provide the customers the best experience, try to stay friendly and positive throughout the day. Take intermittent breaks or switch off with a family member to make sure that a friendly face will always be able to greet customers or field any questions.

Have a Full Staff

Don’t try to take on the whole estate sale by yourself; having people you can rely on can help avoid problems like long lines, cluttered spaces, theft, and dissatisfied customers. Create a schedule with everyone’s duties ahead of time and make sure to check up on people throughout the day. Ensure that everyone is on task and never making customers wait.

Stay Organized

Keeping an itemized list of all of your items and their prices and locations ahead of time will definitely come in handy during the busiest periods of the day when you’re more likely to misplace or lose different items. By staying organized, you can stay on top of things and be better prepared in case anything goes wrong.

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