Essential Tips for Choosing The Best Tiles for Every Space of Your House

You have plenty of materials, colours, designs, shapes and textures to choose if you have decided to use tiles for the flooring on your sweet home as well as on the walls and counter-tops etc. But it may not be so easy as you think because you cannot choose any piece of tile that looks nice and fix on the walls as well as on the floors of every room of your house. Each type of tiles is made with distinct features to suit specific spaces of your house. For example, the tiles meant for walls are normally not suitable for surface flooring. Similarly, your interior flooring needs specific tiles that are different from the tiles which are used in exterior applications. Contact Carreaux Metro liquidation ceramic tiles for the suitable tiles for every different space of your interior as well as best tiles for exterior application of your house.

While choosing the tiles for your floor or walls, you should give the first priority to its hardness in relation to MOHS ratings. The MOHS standard rating is recommended by Porcelain Enamel Institute or PEI which clearly specifies from level one to five categories of tiles suitable for different spaces across residential houses to commercial and industrial high traffic places. The PEI further explains the tile’s potential capability to withstand foot or wear traffic, the ability of resistance against scratches, stains and moisture. Carefully use the measuring scale of PEI to determine which tile to consider for which room or space of your house or interior and exterior of your house.

The second important aspect while choosing your intended tile is the porosity of the tile. The porosity is determined by the air holes ratio to solids of the tile in relation to its water absorption. If you have intentions of tiling your water-prone or moisture-prone spaces like kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, mudroom etc, you must pay attention to ratings like impervious, vitreous, semi-vitreous, and non-vitreous.

Look for tiles that are slip-resistant particularly in wet condition. If you choose light colour tiles for your application space will appear larger than they are. Request for custom cut out of the tiles and make sure for a special imprinted pattern.

If you get confused or do not wish to get into complications of evaluating the tiles, straight away go for porcelain tiles which can serve your purposes of durability and best design as well as style and colours. You can use porcelain anywhere you like both for interior and exterior applications as well as for floor, walls, and as counter-tops.

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