Essential RV Maintenance Tips for Springtime

Getting ready for another spring full of adventures?

Before you start your RV and hit the road, you need to make sure that your favorite camper hasn’t suffered any major damages over the winter.

The following RV maintenance tips for springtime don’t require any professional help or tools. You can do them by yourself, DIY-style.

  • Set RV Tire Pressure

Winter can be particularly harsh on your RV tires, so make sure that there’s no curb damage or dry rot before you align them for springtime.

  • Change the Engine Air Filter

Changing the air filter is a must for all the obvious reasons, but did you know that having a crisp new filter can also help you save fuel money in the long run?

It’s all about keeping your coach fuel efficient.

  • Change Fuel System Filters

If your RV has been stored for the winter, checking the fuel system filters for algae is definitely a good idea. Oh, and don’t forget that you need to change filters every 12 months.

  • Check LP Tanks for Leaks

Propane leaks are extremely dangerous and can even be life-threatening. Before you drive off into the sunset this spring, make sure that everything is fine with your LP tanks.

  • Check Battery Fluid Levels

In case you haven’t removed your RV batteries before storing the camper for the winter, chances are that they are completely depleted. Remember to do a quick check-up.

  • Check Your Holding Tanks

Experts recommend sanitizing an RV water system at least once a year, and spring is perfect for this. Sanitize all three tanks – black water, grey water, and freshwater.

  • Check Your Water Heater

Road debris, bugs, and rust tend to pile up at the exterior vent openings of an RV water heater. Take a look to make sure that yours is all clean and tidy.

  • Clean Your RV Appliances

Debris and rust can attack your RV refrigerator, stove, and furnace as well, while critters are known to spend winters in intake/exhaust tubes.

Inspect your RV thoroughly, and you’ll find them somewhere.

  • Inspect Your RV Awnings

Inspect your RV awnings as well, though there might not be a lot you can do if you haven’t put them away properly before the snowy season.

  • Check Your Metal Carport

Finally, clean your RV storage so that it will be nice and tidy when you return from your spring travels. This is a great time to research metal RV carports too.

They are the best storage solution against cold temperatures and wet weather.

We wish you safe travels and a lot of fun!

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