Industrialization has had its adverse effect on the climate, which has led to global warming. This phenomena has change given rise to many other climate related issues, like untimely strong storms. It is better to be prepared than to be sorry. Your roof is a fundamental part of your house, which provides you cover during these harsh storms. In the meanwhile have your roof repair Vaughan, take a look at your roof for any damages and have them fixed. Apart from that here are a few steps that you can take on your own to protect your roof from any damage during a harsh storm.

  1. It is time to clean the gutters:

Gutters get easily clogged. These clogged gutters lead to water logging, which in turn leads to water seeping into the house. So before the storm season, clean your gutters of any kind of blockages, like debris, branches, twigs and leaves, so that no water logging takes place. As the water logging can also cause tremendous damage to your house’s drainage system.

  1. Keep a look out on the trees:

A strong gush of wind can knock down even the strongest of trees. A tree falling on your roof can cause a lot of damage. It is a lesser known fact that trees are susceptible to diseases. So check the trees around your house for any rotting or diseases. The trees should constantly be checked for any weak branches. If there is a tree on top of your house, then the twigs, branches and leaves from that tree can accumulate on your roof causing your gutters to block. So it is highly recommended that you do not have trees very close to your house and the trees that are there, it is crucial for you to keep them in good shape.

  1. Do not let it rain in your house:

Sometimes tiny little leaks might occur, which might go unnoticed by us only to be noticed when it is too late. So carry out a routine check on your roof for any leakages that can occur. You can also hire your roof repair, Vaugan to carry out this job for you.

  1. Thorough Checking :

As you are checking your roof for any possible leakages, also keep a look out for any possible rusting, erosion, cracks, curling, broken boots around the pipes and an excessive amount of build of granules in the gutter. These things seem very negligible, but are for your own safety. As these tiny little things go a long way to cause damage.

  1. Check on your doors and windows:

On a normal day we tend to ignore the little gaps that exist when we close our doors and windows. When there is a storm, the strong gush of wind can seriously damage your windows by breaking the glass and constantly opening and closing. Make sure that your windows and doors bolt properly and tightly.

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