Condominium dryer vent cleaning services

Are you in the Greater Toronto Area and would like a reliable service provider to clean your condomonium dryer vent? If yes, look no further than us.Dust Chasers is your number one stop. We are the answer to your need.
We are a Toronto based company that has been offering HVAC systems cleaning services to local and nearby clients for well over 10 years. We offer condominium dryer vent cleaning services as well as other residential HVAC systems cleaning services. Our company is licensed by NADCA and is also a member of various Canadian authorities and bodies such as CHBA and Indoor Air Quality Association.

Why should you clean your condomonium dryer vent?

Every condomonium resident should ideally have their dryer vent cleaned at least once every six months. Cleaning your dryer vent has the following benefits:Image result for Condominium dryer vent cleaning services
a). It keeps your condo safe from fires: dryer vents which are clogged with lint and grime are at an increased risk of catching fire. Lint and debris reduce air flow and work synergistically with exhaust gases to increase the chances of a dryer catching fire.

b). It helps in saving energy: clogged dryer vents usually lead to overheating of the dryer. This in turn leads to increased consumption of energy.

c). It shortens the drying time for clothes: when the vent is not clogged with debris, moist air can move out easily. The clothes in turn can dry out faster.

d). It enables your dryer last longer: a dryer with a clean vent isn’t prone to damages and technical problems.

Why choose our condo dryer vent cleaning services?

Our condo dryer vent service is one of the best you can ever find in the Greater Toronto Area. Our customers keep coming back because of the unrivalled service we offer them. Here are some of the reasons why you should turn to us for your condo vent cleaning needs:

a). We offer fast and free quotes: we will quickly give you a quote on a service you’re interested in through text or a call. We don’t charge anything for this.

b). Affordable pricing: the prices we charge for our cleaning services are quite manageable.

c). At our company, we are very much committed to excellence. We carry out every work with accuracy and precision. The end result is usually a well done work.

d). We are concerned with customer satisfaction: we always desire to see our esteemed customers happy with our services. We therefore always go over and beyond to ensure that we offer high quality services to them.

e). Qualified personnel: our staff are well trained and competent in carrying out condomonium dryer vent cleaning services.

f). We have the necessary cleaning equipment: we have all the equipment needed for the vent cleaning process. We for example have portable cleaning machines which can access areas with no roads or access ways.

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