Buy different types of bedroom furniture easily

The first thing to think when you are shopping for bedroom furniture is obviously the bed. Do you want queen size or king size? Or are you comfortable with a single bed? But though bed is the most important piece of furniture for a bedroom, it’s not the only thing you will need. Here is how you have to go about buying the right bedroom furniture from Hay store.

The Bed

Buy a bed that goes with the proportions of the room, the room shouldn’t look too crowded because of a huge bed that doesn’t really fit the room. Choose a frame that is durable and is sturdy enough to take your weight as well as that of the blanket. If you want something different then you can even make a hanging bed but that would require some heavy work on your part. The mattress is an integral part of the bed. There are many types of mattress available; get, memory foam, air, or traditional mattresses to name just a few.Image result for Buy different types of bedroom furniture easily

Multipurpose bedroom furniture

You will need two side tables for your bed to hold the lamps, but if you buy the ones with drawers and a cabinet then there will be some extra storage space for small items like books, diaries etc. if you are a book lover then you could buy a bookshelf with a desk attached to it, this could double as a computer table when and as you need it. You could even buy a custom armoire which can hold your computer, books as well as cloths.

If you have less place in the bedroom then you might need to forgo buying a dressing table, however, you could always hang a mirror on the wall or buy a dresser or wardrobe from Hay store with a mirrored door. Choose a narrow model that is tall but not broad, this will save on space. Use the space as best as you can but keep it free from clutter. The bedroom should never look stuffy; it is your comfort zone so you should have plenty of space to walk around.


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