Building a Home Theatre: 7 Must-Have Features

You don’t need plenty of space to create the home theatre you’ve always dreamed of. The key lies in choosing the right equipment and accessories that will guarantee the best viewing experience.

When you install a home theatre, make sure to have the following features available:

1. Surround Sound System

Every home theatre would need a great set of speakers so that each person in the room can enjoy great audio.

Having a surround sound system will not only make you feel like you’re seated in the front row during a game, but also give you the live sounds from the arena or stadium. The good thing is, you can experience it right in the comfort of your home.

A surround sound system makes music and SFX come alive. This is why you shouldn’t forget about soundproofing to prevent noise from seeping into other areas of the house.

Soundproofing is a worthwhile investment if you don’t want to hear your kids’ cartoons while you’re trying to concentrate and finish your work.

2. Comfortable Seating

Comfort should be the main feature in your home theatre. Who would want to spend an hour in a viewing room only to suffer from back pain due to uncomfortable seating?

Depending on the space available, you would need seats made for relaxing such as a sectional couch or leather recliners.

When you select a couch for your home theatre, focus on how the seat can provide comfort for someone who likes to binge-watch or do movie marathons as prolonged sitting can hurt your back.

3. Blackout and Soundproof Curtains

More than just for aesthetic appeal, blackout curtains play an important role in keeping the lights out to guarantee a movie theatre-like experience.

If you have windows in your home theatre, make sure to install curtains since streaming lights can ruin your movie watching. Opt for blackout and soundproof curtains as they don’t only block out light but also have a quilted construction that allows them to absorb noise.

4. Snack Bar

A movie would not be complete without a big bowl of popcorn on hand.

Having a small snack bar in your home theatre will ensure that you won’t go hungry while your favourite show is on. You can also avoid having to make a trip to the kitchen now and then when you already have a small bar where you can conveniently get snack refills.

If you have the budget and you want to go all out, you can include a small popcorn maker so that you can have them fresh all the time. For those who love to drink, including a wet bar where you can mix your favourite cocktail will also be an interesting addition.

5. Universal Remote Control

You shouldn’t overlook a small detail such as having a universal remote control.

With various systems in your home theatre, having a single remote control you can use to manage all of them makes a huge difference. Stop fiddling for different controllers when you can make your life easier with one universal remote.

6. Projector or Large Screen TV

The screen is your home theatre’s focal point. Make sure it is the rights size for the viewing distance and particular dimensions of your room.

To determine what the best screen size is, measure the space where you intend to put the TV or projector. Measure both the height and width available and the seating distance from the screen. The next step is to take the measurements with you to the store and do the following:

  • View your selected TV or projector at various distances based on your measurements.
  • Determine what viewing angles and distances give you the best and worst viewing experience.
  • Base your TV size or projector buying decision on what is most comfortable for your eyes, what looks best, and what fits your available space.

7. Wall Sconce Lights

The right lighting is what builds up the mood of a home theatre. By having custom wall sconce lights with dimmer controls, you can immerse yourself more in the movie.

When you connect your lighting to your home theatre automation system, you can automatically dim them before the movie starts. And once your movie ends, you can also turn them back on as you chat with your family and talk about how great the movie was.

To ensure that your home theatre is a fun space for all, take into account the 7 amenities above. Also, make sure to protect your new electronics from wire-damaging vermin by not skipping on regular mice pest control.

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