Battle of The Stones: Granite VS Marble Countertops – Who Rules the Roost?

Without a question to be asked, Marble & Granite countertops look unequivocally stunning – but there are distinct differences between the two. Here we’ll make the comparisons to aide you in your decision.

Granite is universally known for its unique speckled look, durability, strength and its wide range of colouring options available. Marble on the other hand, is renowned for its quite brilliant and eloquent marble veining entwining through it – although this factor also makes people believe that marble isn’t as strong or as durable as granite. Both though are always in extraordinarily high demand in the natural stone industry.

Granite – it can give the colours and effects of marble

The reason granite is in such high demand is because of the options available – there a plethora of beautiful colours to be chosen. Light coloured granites like Viscount White for example, can help create a marble look without the marble upkeep. Darker granite such as tan brown or Ubatuba granite provide a diverse range of colours and a feel that really cannot be matched by marble – which is primarily only offered in lighter colours – leaving quite a restriction on the buyer.

Whichever you buy, it’ll always be unique

No matter whether you choose marble or granite, no two slabs will ever be the same, the veining and the speckles will always be unique – and that adds a special feel to any countertop or surface.

This uniqueness is one of the main-driving factors that homeowners adore when looking at natural stone compared to man-made countertops. It’s worth noting that granite is particularly good for the kitchen given that it’s stain and heat resistant. Granite is also a very popular choice for outdoor installations such as an outdoor grill area or bar. Marble on the other hand should never be exposed to the elements such as rain or sun as this can drastically wear the stone.

When choosing marble or granite, think about area and upkeep

Marble has been a choice of many for its grandeur and richness – but marble does not come without its upkeep costs. Over time, marble will etch when exposed to any type of acids and marble is not recommended for high traffic areas of foot-fall because of wear. Marble is also very susceptible to chips or scrapes and although in many cases these are easily fixable, the cost of continually fixing your marble surface can become prohibitive.

Granite is notoriously easier to upkeep and can cost a lot less to repair – and given its higher level of durability is less susceptible to scrapes and chips. So in the upkeep stakes, granite is probably a better option if you’re looking for something simple. Given its durable nature, positioning of granite needs to be less thought about compared to its marble counterpart.

Which should I buy?

I’m not here telling you that one is better than the other as both are mesmerizingly beautiful natural stones that will create a guaranteed ‘wow-factor’. I’d recommend granite if you’re looking for durability and something that is less harsh on the purse strings in the long run. However, if you’re feeling particularly grandeur, why not get some marble to add some unprecedented beauty to your home? Whichever you choose, one things for certain, you’re going to make a lasting impression to anyone that casts an eye.

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