Basement Developments for the Whole Family

Developing your basement is a big step in the stages of making your house into a home. Instead of the generic wide open space that gets used just as often as it did when it was just concrete floors and studded two by fours, consider a basement development that will meet the needs of your own unique family dynamic.

The In-Law Suite

Mother-in-laws get a bad rap but chances are your mother-in-law is actually pretty fantastic. You might be thinking “sure, I love my mother-in-law but I need some space” – trust Calgary basement developers to create a suite so secluded, space will never be a issue. Leave the separate entrances and sound proofing to Alliance Renovations while you help dear old mom settle in to her new digs. There are a number of reasons to consider extending your home to your extended family. Two words. Built-in babysitting. Nothing will cement your decision to build the in-law suite like your first night out without the stress of finding a babysitter. Furthermore, taking care of mom for a change is one of the best ways to give back. It’s true, there is no possible way you can repay your mother for all she’s done for you but somehow building a suite for her in your basement says ‘I love you’ with more of a bang than the popsicle stick picture frame you made when you were four years old does. Give it time but you may find the in-law suite to be the best investment you’ll ever make.

Child’s Play

Your life as a parent is hectic and exhausting.  On the especially hair-pulling days, all you want to say (or scream) is “go outside and play!” The only problem is you live in Calgary. And it’s February. When you’re looking into basement developing, consider the benefits of establishing a safe, fun, and separate space for your kids to frolic and play. On the days it’s too cold to play at the park, who said swinging on the swings in your basement isn’t just as good? Admission to play places and large indoor playgrounds is expensive and the crowds are noisy but a ball pit in the basement is convenient and will never not be fun. From jungle gyms to dollhouses, paint easels to Lego tables, your children have a will and Alliance Renovations has the way.

The Family Room

It’s Monday night and you know what that means, it’s family board games night . . . . just as soon as you clear the clutter from off the table. Before you know it, board game night becomes cleaning the house. Family time is important and the chores can wait. Next time board game night comes around, escape to your fully developed basement where there is always room to sit and strategize city placement in Settlers of Catan or flip the Monopoly board when the kids start cheating. Complete with adequate and easy to reach storage for your games, a fridge for when the munchies inevitably arrive and even a big screen T.V. for tomorrow’s family movie night, your developed basement can be the one stop shop for all things family fun. Where else do you have the space for foosball or charades or Wii sports? Calgary basement developers will transform your cold, dark dungeon into the perfect den for cozy, comfortable, wholesome family fun.

A Space for You

You serve your family day in and day out and sometimes all you need is a little time just for you. You wear the baker’s hat in the kitchen, the maid’s hat in the bathroom and the taxi driver’s hat in the front entrance. You need a place to take off all hats and just be you. Maybe your designed-by-you dream basement is a home gym, a space to do yoga, a crafting room, an indoor hot tub and sauna or just a big comfy couch and absolute silence. Whatever it is, find your zen in your developed basement and experience the joys of peace and quiet.

When you decide to develop, keep the whole family in mind and contact Alliance Renovations when you’re ready to transform your basement space.

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