Mona Mays

Mona Mays

  • 4 Current Kitchen Remodel Trends

    by - Oct 18, 2016
    Remodeling the kitchen in your home is always a good idea. Or, rather, if you are looking to change things up and, perhaps, increase your home’s resale value, you can never really go wrong with choosing...
  • Warm And Friendly Property: Choosing The Best Home For The Family

    by - Oct 13, 2016
    Investing in a warm and friendly home could be a struggle as there are plenty of things to consider for example space, safety, and also the spirit from the community. It’s not easy to locate a...
  • What is a Wine Rack Bra?

    by - Sep 20, 2016
    Have you ever heard of a wine rack bra? If you think that it is a clothing accessory then you are absolutely correct and if you have guessed that it is a way to drink your...
  • An Excellent Time To Be Upgrading Your Dining Room  

    by - Sep 13, 2016
    Now that Autumn is well and truly here and Winter is in sight it won’t be long before we’re all celebrating Christmas once again. Christmas has a nasty habit of creeping up on you, so this year why not be prepared and tackle any decorating and furniture buying in plenty of time? If you’re thinking of upgrading your dining room then you’ll have enough time to make sure you get the finishing touches right before the festive season starts. We caught up with Priest Brothers to get their thoughts. If you’re planning on inviting the family to spend Christmas day with you then you’re going to need enough space to seat them all so when looking for a new dining table make sure you consider a style that is versatile enough for your needs. Take a look at a round extending table in a solid wood such as oak to accommodate your extra guests. It will be big enough on the day but can be used on a daily basis without the extension in place to not take up less space.  To go with your new dining table you are also going to need a set of dining chairs to seat your family on. Consider going for a set with leather upholstered seats this time round. They will be hard wearing and are a lot easier to keep clean than a fabric version particularly if you pick a darker leather. You are also going to need plenty of space to store items such as table cloths, cutlery and crockery so why not consider a new oak sideboard with a combination of drawers and doors to keep your possessions tidy and out of sight? If extra storage is needed you could always add a bookcase as well to display a few well-chosen items....Read More
  • Electrical Safety Inspection: Why To Get It Done Regularly For The Property?

    by - Aug 23, 2016
    The majority of the occasions, homeowners in addition to business proprietors neglect to take regular electrical safety inspection seriously and for that reason, they need to face lots of electrical issues afterwards. It’s important to realize...
  • Landscaping Edging- A Defining Touch

    by - Jul 20, 2016
    Getting landscaping is a factor. Keeping the landscaping well-groomed is yet another, since you may have found. And for those who have discovered it, you’re only one landscaping- homeowner among millions. It is a considering that...
  • Ideas to Use Business Furniture Adelaide in Decorating Residential Apartments

    by - Mar 25, 2016
    Going opposite towards the trend is really a unique concept that you could apply in decorating your house too. If you want to install fittings inside your residential apartments which are appropriate to make use of...