A Few Tips to Prepare Your Roof for an Upcoming Spring Season

Roofs usually get damaged in the winter season due to the severe weather conditions like heavy snowfall, rain, and heavy storms. As the winter passes, people start planning for preparing their roof for upcoming spring showers.  A damaged roof can only be repaired well when the proper inspection is done. Small damages can be repaired easily by your own, however, if there is a structural issue, it is ideal to call roofing Vaughan by D’Angelo and Sons. They are known for their best roofing services in Vaughan.  We have described a few tips to prepare your roof for the upcoming spring season:

  • Clean The Roof

The primary step in roof preparing for spring is to clean the debris or pile of fallen leaves from the roof. Moreover, tree branches, pine needles, and other plant matter may clog gutters and ventilation stacks, as a result, water damage and excess moisture start buildup in the attic.

  • Check Your Roof for Damage

Before start repairing, make sure to note all missing shingles or damaged tiles. Shingles that appear smooth or are buckling need to be replaced. Beside it, check the missing or torn flashing that passes around the chimney or the entire roof need to be fixed instantly. Otherwise, rainwater can get into places and do severe damages to the roof. Next, check the entire ventilation system, if it is not working properly, the moisture may rise in the attic and as a result, your overall roofing system will be ineffective.

  • Check Your Attic for Holes

You should also check the entire attic for damages. If you find any sign of dripping water, patches of standing water or damp beams, it might be a sign of a leak that needs instant attention. Beside it, if there is a sign of water flows downhill, make sure to inspect along the roof’s peak while finding leaks. Moreover, ensure to remove patches of mold inside your home as that possibly be caused by excessive moisture buildup.

  • Fix All Damages

All downspouts and gutters should be firmly attached so that it can tolerate the heavy snowfall. Furthermore, make sure to replace missing shingles, tiles, flashing, and caulking. If you find holes in the attic, make sure to either block them or mark their location so that it helps the professional roofer to fix them.

If there is a structural issue or severe damages in the roof, make sure to get help from a professional roofer instantly so that you can prepare your roof for upcoming spring showers.

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