8 Tips to Light Up Your Outdoor Garden

You can easily turn your outdoor garden into a dreamy landscape, or a magical nook with the incredibly creative lighting options available these days. While spicing up the trees and plants, or the rock garden, the right lighting complements your outdoor furniture and accessories, making for lovely night time scenes.

Mix task lights for safety and security with ambient lighting, combining the useful with the beautiful, or you can incorporate water-feature lights, or spot and strip lights to great effect. Lead your guests to your outdoor garden with lights set along a pathway and be sure when deciding on the kind of lighting you want, to choose soft lights without glare to ensure your guests aren’t made uncomfortable.

The right lighting in the right places can make any setting Zen-like and pleasing to the eye and mind. You might wish to illuminate a sofa or dining setting, the barbecue area or a shadowy garden corner for security or for effect. Perhaps you’d like a romantic mood in the evenings? Whatever your plans, remember you will need an electrician to install the more complex fixtures. High voltage landscape outdoor garden lighting is the most expensive; low voltage is less expensive and solar lights are the most economical of all.


Here are some tips to beautify your outdoor garden with lighting:

  1. Don’t place lights all in a straight line because it can create a ‘runway’ effect which is not pleasing to the eye. Try a string of low-voltage lights to illuminate any shady areas in your outdoor garden. You can add some interest with an uplight emphasizing the bark or leaves of your favourite tree.
  2. 2. Use some solar lights where possible. You can install a solar panel in a high-sunlight area and run wiring to your solar lights, or use the type that you just poke into the ground in a sunny spot. It’s that easy. You’ll save on your electricity bill and they’ll light up at dusk.
  3. Make sure the light doesn’t shine in your neighbor’s windows!  And be careful if you need to attach lights to plants or trees. You can damage the plants, and tree bark can grow over whatever you use to attach the lights. Use adjustable straps to they can be lengthened as the tree grows.
  4. Rope lighting is a fabulous way to outline the edges of a garden bed, and they’re not too expensive. You just unwind the tube and use landscape staples to secure them in place – they provide a wonderfully subtle glow. You can also use rope lighting for safety by placing them in the risers so people can see where they’re placing their feet going up steps.
  5. Mount some gentle down-lights to create some welcoming warmth while enhancing a stone wall, or the use them to highlight your artwork mounted on the wall – the lighting helps to give the appearance that the artwork is floating.
  6. Use a wrought iron chandelier strung with bulbs or Chinese lanterns for a soft touch. Strips of twinkle/fairy lights make for a fantasia look, or a glowing candle cluster gives a romantic outdoor garden setting, provided the candles are secured and can’t be knocked over and cause a fire hazard. Place them in glass lanterns for more safety.
  7. If you have a water feature in your outdoor garden, why not use submerged lights to illuminate the rocks, plants and fish at night? Use only those fixtures designed for use in water. Or, to create a magical moonlight silvered garden, try blue- tinted lights. A soft mood can be achieved by hiding landscape lighting under shrubs and remember single bright lights that point at an object will only create stark shadows, so be creative.
  8. Artisan lights add some quirkiness and personality in the evening garden landscape. To hide light fixtures during the day or night, place some rocks around them, then at night your guests will only see some light glancing subtly from the rocks in your magical outdoor garden.
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