8 Modern Bathroom Design Ideas for Your Small Bathroom

After reviewing the fantastic pictures of dreamy bathrooms with fantastic faucets, magnificent tile and of course plenty of warehouses, it’s straightforward to hate your old bathroom. All thanks to Instagram and Pinterest! But you do not have to keep living with the terrible. Some little changes can renovate your bathroom without any renovation.

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Paint-Free Bathroom Makeover

If you want to make things messy, then it’s time to be creative. We have a fantastic idea with peel and stick vinyl. The options that keep moisture and condensation work best in the small bathrooms. There are so many options of peel and stick products that make decoration super easy. With vinyl, the maintenance is, and you don’t have to worry about any water damage.

Install a Temporary Vanity

Don’t like to stand in front of that old oak cabinet in your bathroom? Or maybe you are looking for something more modern, like a wall-mounted sink with built-in storage cabinet. Either the case, you can swap your old cabinet with a vanity that suits your needs and style.

Spruce Up Your Bathroom with Plants

Add a handful of pizzazz in a lousy bathroom by going to the center of your garden. Few houseplants are suitable for your small bathroom, and also it will add shine to the color space and texture of the bathroom.

DIY a Rustic Feature Wall

What are you doing with this big primary wall? Turn it into a snippy feature with detachable peel and stick flooring tile. Better you go for the vinyl stuff because it goes well with humidity and water. There are some options regarding colors, sizes, textures, and patterns that look like real wood and precious stone.

Modernize an Old Bathroom with Black Fixtures

Add little drama contrast to your white bathroom with black accessories and fixtures. Also, installing a new tap is usually a reversible and straightforward step if new one matches the current holes in the countertop or sink.

Revive Your Vintage Bathroom

As the black and white plaque has a consistent chic, the old wallpaper that once created these walls made the space small, and you might feel claustrophobic and dark. Removing everything has made an upward change. Redirecting garters and updating decorative accessories from shower curtains to cabinet knobs were the most beautiful touches that turned the old bathroom into chic masterpieces.

Combine Function with Personality

Rejoice your unique story by adapting your bathroom with an emphasis on building a character. You can add some nautical and rough-hewed essentials for creating a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom. It will recreate the memories of the seaside. Also, an upcycled wire basket for towel storage is a good idea.

Rethink Your Bathroom Door

The curved door that swings from the inside can eliminate the amount of usable space in the small bathroom. It would be ideal to move it with a pocket door, but it is necessary to break a portion of the wall. But, you are lucky, because we have to more options to deal with it.

You can turn your traditional door into a sliding, or you can also change your entry into the bathroom so that it opens in the opposite direction. It requires some tasks but can be done quickly with the right tools and tricks.

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