8 laundry hacks to make your life hassle-free!

Wearing bright and well-ironed clothes not only make us look presentable and classy, but also gives us a new sense of confidence. However, washing clothes and ironing them, in short, ‘laundry work’ can be a nightmare for many! Even putting the clothes in the washing machine, pulling them out and putting them in the dryer, removing tough stains, and the like can be a huge task for many.

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We understand laundry work can be a headache, but the best part is, there are several hacks that can make your laundry work easier!

Let us look at some of the things that you can do:

  1.    Wash clothes fast and dry them faster:

We’ve all noticed the ‘quick wash’ setting on our washing machines but are wary of using it. But wait a minute, did you know that the setting does exactly what it claims to do? Yes, just throw the load in the machine imagining they’re not filled with tough stains and save time magically!

Also, if you want your clothes to dry faster, try this hack. Just put in your fluffy towel along with the load in the dryer and keep watching your clothes dry in a few mins (thanks to the towel’s nature, you know?).

  1.    Always air-dry your bras:

Your bras’ elasticity deteriorates when you place them in the dryer. Instead, air dry them with the help of a hanger in your veranda or a similar place.

  1.    Remove tough stains naturally:

Hair Spray and Hand Sanitizer (buy them at affordable rates using discounts & promo codes- VoucherBucket) contain ethanol and alcohol that are hard on stains and helps to remove them effectively. All you need to do is mix the two and put the solution in a spray bottle. Then spray it on the stains (very useful on ink stains), leave it for about 10 mins to let the clothes soak the same (for larger clothing items with tougher stains, let the solution soak for a longer time and absorb the clothing items in hot water for at least 2 hours), and put them in the washing machine. Voila! All stains are gone!

  1.    Your jeans will always look new:

Put your jeans in a bucket and pour a cup of water and a cup of salt in the same. Salt helps the colours to stay set in the fabric and helps to slow down the fading process of jeans. To remove odour from your favourite jeans, you can put them in a plastic bag and freeze them in the refrigerator. You should also use cold water to wash your clothes to keep your clothes from fading.

  1.    Iron your clothes without using an iron:

Did you know you can use a hair dryer/blower to remove the creases from your shirts and other clothing items? Ditch the iron for a change!

  1.    Make your clothes appear vibrant as ever and keep your machine clean:

For white coloured clothes, put one cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle in your washing machine. For darker shades, put a cup of table salt in the rinse cycle.

For cleaning your washing machine and keeping it healthy, you can pour half a cup of mouthwash to your empty washing machine and help your rinse cycle stay disinfected!

  1.    Fix grease issue with chalk and more:

Did you know you can remove grease stains from your clothes with the help of chalk? Yes, just rub a li’l chalk over the stains before tossing it in the wash and watch the magic happen. Also, lipstick stains can be removed from shirts with the help of white bread. After removing the crumbs from the bread, roll the bread into a ball, and with its support, blot the lipstick stain, and then put it for the wash to take off any remains.

  1.    Get affordable dryer sheets:

Now you don’t have to keep a separate budget for dryer sheets. Cause you can use aluminium foil in their place. Take the foil and ball it up tightly, and then place them in the dryer along with the wet clothes. Not only will it remove static, but it does not even have to be changed every time.  You can use the same aluminium ball for up to 6 months!

Try out these simple hacks and bid goodbye to the everyday laundry woes. Also, do not forget to check out amazing deals, offers, and valid vouchers. Thanks for reading!

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