7 Minor Home Improvements That Pack a Big Punch

Your home is your safe space. It’s why you look forward to coming back every day after work, what you wish for during a long vacation, and what you show off to your friends and family. But what happens when your home begins to feel a little dull, drab or stuffy, and some furniture repositioning just won’t cut it? Time to revamp and refresh.

However, when many homeowners hear the words “refresh and revamp,” they assume that means expensive and time-consuming, not to mention inconvenient, remodeling. Yet there are some easy and quick home projects that freshen up the place with minimal cost and hassle. Mixing and matching a few ideas from the following list might just be all you need to rejuvenate your abode.

  1. Play with your storage

Get transparent and set your prize items, as well as your classy cookware, sleek electronics and stylish olive oil bottle, free. Simply replacing your cabinet doors with glass panels or even removing them altogether — we’re talking your kitchen cabinets, your bathroom medicine cabinet, and your dining-room armoire — can open up a space so some of your cherished pieces can shine, giving the room new life. Other ways you can play include lining your shelves with bright wallpaper for a pop of color and adding racks for cutlery and glasses instead of having them hidden in a drawer or cabinet.

Storage solutions can be quite versatile. At your nearest home furnishings store and grab buckets, baskets, and boxes of every size, color, shape, and texture that you like — and think of these items as decoration, not as storage. Then take advantage of unused corners, so you can maximize every inch of your space. You’ll create a room that’s efficient and updated and in sync with your current creative energies!

  1. Add tile in unique places

One of the easiest small upgrades involves a visit to a tile store to stock up on tiles of all shapes and sizes. Tile is a superb alternative to wood and laminate floors and can be used around your fireplace, the backsplash behind your oven or sink in your kitchen, or the entrance way to your home.

Plus, tile brings a solid return on investment as it is long-lasting and of superior quality compared to many other surface options. The mosaic potential of tile allows you to get creative with your inlaid designs, so go for something wild or personally meaningful. One trick is to pick either a bright color or pattern and have that be the focal point of your room. This can be a simple way to revive a tired or underdeveloped space.

  1. Let there be light

If you follow one home improvement rule, let it be this: The more light you bring into the space, the bigger your area will feel. So if you feel like your home could use an expansive glow, think large light fixtures, floor-to-ceiling windows, breezy curtains, and mirrors. Mirrors are a device many interior designers use, especially in smaller areas, because when they are positioned strategically, the reflections make the room appear more spacious. For example, position two mirrors facing each other on each side of the room to give dimmer or distant lights more reach.

Additionally, it is easy to bring light into a room by choosing a natural or cool color scheme when you decorate. Creams, light blues, yellows, and even a pale gray can open up your room and make it feel large and airy. Don’t forget to do the same with your window treatments — go for lighter colors for your plantation shutters, shades, and blinds. Leave the dark and dreary drapes behind.

  1. Invest in a new front doorway

A brand-new entranceway changes the way you see your house from every distance, far and near. Transforming the facade around your front door offers maximum impact by trapping your primary line of vision every time you approach the house. You can’t escape it. Assess your taste, then amp it up — think French doors, a glass door that splits down the middle or an arch and pillars.

In the same vein, upgrading your garage door packs relative punch since your eye is , think adding textures and a series of windows in a pattern. For a more cost-effective solution, a fresh coat of paint, especially going from a monochromatic exterior to one with a contrasting door color, could work wonders.

  1. Bring the plants inside

A little bit of greenery is all you may need to refresh your space! A couple plants in brightly painted pots creates a living atmosphere. Our favorite places to stick plants include:

  • In corners (works especially well for larger plants)
  • On top of fireplaces
  • The top of a cabinet or armoire
  • On a windowsill in the bathroom
  • Surrounding the entryway to the home
  • Wrapped around a staircase railing and posts (great for vines and even fake plants if you have a long staircase)
  • On a front-loading washing machine and dryer

  1. 6. Install crown molding

Think of it this way: Crown molding is like a snazzy necklace for your walls and ceilings. If your home could use a pick-me-up, consider this particular type of trimwork as an accessory that can transform an entire area in a matter of days. Some design tips include layering pieces around doors for a stacked look and choosing a contrasting color as an accent. Use the same molding throughout the home for a more cohesive look.

  1. Don’t forget the yard

Make sure to give some attention to your front yard and backyard. Adding curb appeal will give you inspiration to spend more time outside.

Easy and cheap tips and tricks include:

  • Purchasing a brand-new set of outdoor patio furniture
  • Polishing and giving your deck a new coat of paint in a bright color
  • Add a fire pit and include some shelving or cabinets for food storage
  • Build a pergola for a quiet and shady area in your yard
  • Invest in outdoor seating: weatherproof benches, swings, ottomans, and large pillows are options for seating
  • Add lighting around your pool, walkways, entranceway, and deck. Doing so will make sure you can enjoy your backyard even when the sun goes down

An impactful alteration to your residence doesn’t require an inordinate amount of money or time, especially if you are simply looking to spruce up one area. With these minor improvement tips in mind, a rejuvenated home is only hours away.

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