5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for A Move

While the idea of moving to a new dig across town or across the country could be exciting, the thought of packing boxes, sorting belongings, and loading trucks may not give us the smile. But with proper preparation, you can make the packing experience a less stressful part of your move. So, it goes far more than just getting a reliable moving company like Swiftway Moving Montreal, you need to make the necessary preparations. How do you make this happen?

Now, let’s go through 5 basic things you can do to prepare your home for a smooth move

#1: De-clutter your home

First, you have to ask yourself some key questions about your belongings. Do I use them? Do I really need them? Do I love them? These few questions can help you sift unwanted stuff and make less your loads. You may also consider a garage sale which would also help you save a lot on packing expenses. You don’t have to pay back on things you would not use anymore.

#2: Pare your pantry

Prior to your move, buy those items that won’t travel well such as frozen food, canned foods, and the likes. To ensure that you are not overwhelmed with belongings, you can go for those things that will be used up before making your move to your new dig.

#3: Consider storage

You may have to consider stashing some of your belongings in a storage unit especially if you going to be selling off your house and moving away. You can leave those stuff which will benefit your home staging. This way, you don’t get to spend money storing items you won’t be needing in your new home.

#4: Set aside important items

It’s wise to separate important items like medication, checkbooks, passports and other critical items from the rest of your belongings. They should not be in the boxes making their way into the truck, that won’t be a good idea.

#5: Pack room by room

You can label the boxes properly to show what each of them contains and the room it should be going into. You can label something like “open first” on those boxes containing stuff you will need as soon as you arrive at your new home. Items such as bath towels, toilet papers etc. are included.

To make things even simpler, you can assign a number to each box and get a good record of each of them on a spreadsheet. You can also use colors if you’re going to be more comfortable with that.

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