5 Ways to Design a Small Space

Designing a small space gives ample room for creativity and you can even save money during the process. It doesn’t matter whether you just moved into a new apartment or your home needs redesigning. Many people admire various design inspirations online and really wished that they could replicate their favorite ones on a budget.You can implement the following tips to design a home that suits your taste and offer comfort without professional assistance.

  • Choose the right furniture size

The first step to designing a home when space is at a premium involves measuring each room. Make sure that you’re flexible and leave extra space for better flow as you create the floor plan. The furniture that you buy should be of appropriate sizes and easy to move around. However, don’t make the mistake of buying very tiny furniture. Handmade rustic furniture and pipe furniture from iirntree can help you to maximize your space. The good thing is that they are affordable, eco-friendly and will last for many years.  

  • Keep your space organized

A cluttered room is bound to appear smaller. Endeavor to keep each item in a permanent place.It’s high time to get rid of old items that are no longer serving any purpose. Consider donating or selling extra things around your home just to free up space and allow fresh air to enter your home. Apart from that, it will be easier to find whatever you’re looking for. Try as much as possible to keep your home clean always.

  • Opt for multipurpose pieces

Put your daily routine in mind before purchasing furniture and accessories. For instance, you can get a table that will serve dual purposes if you currently work from home. A sofa and bed with inbuilt storage spaces will come in handy. The latter can even replace a dresser in your bedroom.Another option is a sleeper ottoman that can also be used for seating.There is no need to acquire too many furnitureeven if you have visitors frequently.

  • Maximize your walls

Taking advantage of the walls will ensure that your belongings don’t take much of your floor space. Install your TV on the wall instead of placing it on a stand. Invest in wall mounted light fixtures and desk in each room. Decorating with mirrors often helps to make a room appear larger than it really is. Another thing is that they will make the room brighter. Bookshelves take up much space but wood floating shelves by iirntree are the best choice for small spaces. They can also add more beauty to your home and make it look cozy. Use them in your kitchen, living room and bathroom to save more space.

  • Paint with bold colors

Paint your walls with colors that include green, off-white or blue for a sophisticated and homely look. Different color schemes can be used for each room or to separate various zones if it’s a single room. The colors should be complementary and match your furniture and accent pieces.

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