5 Types of Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet cleaning is a complex process that demands professional touch. If you’re wondering to wash your dirty carpets by yourself, then you should be well-aware of shampooing and the latest technique applied for washing the carpets. But if you lack sufficient knowledge, then hiring a professional carpet cleaning service provider is the best choice. Make a list of the companies offering the best carpet cleaning in Dubai or in whichever place you want from recommendations and Google search. Finalize the one catering to all your needs and ready to offer the service at quite an affordable cost.

Here are the top 5 types of carpet cleaning services that the professionals undergo


Before the introduction of encapsulation in 1979, shampooing was considered to be the best mode of carpet cleaning. Heavily soiled carpets are cleaned properly by this technique. But the biggest disadvantage of shampooing is the existence of the high amount of wet residue in different parts of the carpet. If it didn’t dry up fast, the carpet could be soiled up once again for the moisture left inside it during the cleaning.

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So far, considered to be the most effective carpet cleaning technique, encapsulation is processed by the pro cleaning experts as a great deal of expertise is required to undergo the process. The technique deals with the scattering of foam based detergent across the carpets. It is left for some time until it dries up and gets crystallized before shedding off along with the dirt. Later on, with the use of vacuum cleaner brushes, the dirt is cleaned from the carpets.

Bonnet Cleaning

With the help of a spinning pad and a heavy-duty machine, the bonnet carpet cleaning is processed. It cleans off the upper layer of the carpets. Bonnet cleaning is a very common way of cleaning the carpets in hotels, restaurants or at places where they experience heavy footfall daily. This process cleans the carpets effectively especially if the rags are heavily soiled or have chemical accumulations. For residential carpet cleaning, bonnet cleaning is usually not processed until the professionals find it heavily soiled for not being cleaning for years.

Hot water extraction

A very effective way of carpet cleaning, hot water extraction washes off the filth from the carpets. The application of hot water helps the pores of the fabric to open up and easily leave the accumulated dirt. Usually, the cleaners use the steam cleaning or apply the soapy jet hot water on the carpets to get it rid of the filth. Easily, the carpets are cleaned and dried up by using this technique.

Dry cleaning of carpets

Cleaning compounds made of bio-degradable materials or cleaning powders are highly used in the dry carpet cleaning process. It’s also effectively processed by the professional carpet cleaners.

Make sure that you choose a bright sunny day for cleaning the carpets as even after using a drier; you need the sun to dry up the fabrics quickly. Avoid monsoons and moisture laden days for carpet cleaning.

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