5 Signs That Indicate You Need to Invest in Professional Lawn Care Services

Like most homeowners, you are always on the lookout for ways to save money on maintaining and improving your home. This means trying to take the DIY route for lots of things: simple plumbing fixes, painting walls and fences, etc. This usually includes maintaining your lawn, too.

However, there will be instances wherein the usual watering, mowing, pruning, fertilizing, and weeding won’t be enough to give you the lawn you want to have on your property. Professional providers of lawn care services in Potomac, Virginia say that certain signs will show on your yard that would indicate your need to invest in professional services immediately.

If you don’t, you will end up having a damaged, problematic, and unsightly lawn that will be more expensive to rehabilitate in the long run.

Here are five signs you need to look out for that say you need the help of experts to repair, improve and maintain your lawn:

1.    Brown grass

Brown grass is a sure sign that your lawn is lacking in water and nutrients. It is also an indicator that you have been neglecting your yard.

Nursing your lawn back to health will take a lot of hard work and money. You will need to start watering and fertilizing your lawn properly and regularly. You will also have to aerate, fertilize, and over-seed your yard – lawn care chores you may not be familiar with.  Doing all of these incorrectly will cause you to damage your lawn further.

Lawn care and landscaping experts have the expertise, experience, equipment, tools, and supplies needed to turn an unsightly brown lawn into a lush yard that you can be proud of. They can even install an irrigation or sprinkler system to ensure that your lawn gets enough water to stay sufficiently hydrated, healthy and verdant.

2.    Lawn diseases

Poorly-maintained and undernourished lawns are susceptible to lawn disease. Most types of lawn diseases are caused by fungal growth. The fungus invades the soil underneath your lawn and the grass blades.

Lawn fungi can be hard to control since they quickly spread through contaminated soil, insects, wind, rain and foot traffic.

The usual signs of lawn disease are:

  • Brown or yellow patches
  • Blackened grass areas
  • Dead patches of grass
  • Bare spots
  • Damaged grass blades
  • Molds
  • Circular rings

If you see one or more of these signs, call a lawn care expert immediately. You need to have your lawn treated immediately with the right fungicide treatment. Delaying the treatment may cause the lawn disease to destroy your entire yard.

In case your lawn suffers extensive damage, new sod may have to be planted. This process also requires the expertise of seasoned pros.

3.    An abundance of weeds

Getting rid of a few weeds is easy; simply pull them out by hand or use a store-bought herbicide. But if your lawn has already been invaded by weeds, it means you have a tougher problem to deal with.

To get rid of weeds without hurting your back or using chemicals incorrectly, get help from the pros. Lawn care experts will use eco-friendly and high quality herbicides. In addition, they know how to apply them based on the specific requirements of your lawn. They will eliminate your weed problem safely and effectively.

4.    Proliferation of outdoor pests

Proper and regular lawn care is your first line of defense against pests. Neglecting your lawn, though, will encourage different types of pests to invade your lawn.


Providers of lawn care services offer integrated pest management programs (IPMs) which focus on safe, healthy pest control solutions to keep your yard pest-free. These experts can identify the particular insects and pests that are damaging your lawn, and provide the appropriate pest control solutions to eliminate them for good.

An IPM will also help change the balance of beneficial and harmful pests in your lawn by getting rid of overgrowth, weeds, debris and standing water that attract them.

Once you see aphids, slugs and grubs on your plants and fire ants, spiders, rats, and around your lawn, take the easy and safe route that offers the best result: get help from lawn care pros.

5.    Drainage problems

Finally, if the grass is still not growing in your lawn despite all your efforts, you may have drainage troubles.

To know if your yard needs aeration and additional drainage, you will need to call in the experts. They have the right tools and equipment to make an accurate assessment of your lawn. They can aerate and fix or add to your current drainage system as needed.

Lawn care professionals are there to help you have a lush and beautiful turf. Whether you need for your lawn to get nursed back into health, or to maintain and improve its current condition, they will give you the service you require.

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