5 Lawn Updates and Additions That Pay Off Big Time

Improving your outdoor living space will not only increase your home’s value and functionality, but it will also improve your family’s living conditions. The layout, design and features of your yard will help determine how you can spend your time outdoors, especially if you have kids.

And if you plan to sell your house in the future, keep in mind that potential buyers are most likely to invest in properties with an impressive outdoor space.

Ready to transform your own space? Here are five outdoor improvements that are sure to be rewarding for your entire household in more ways than one.

1. Swimming pools and other water features

A well-built swimming pool is a sure-fire way to boost your home’s appeal and value. Besides, having a private pool is one of life’s pleasures as it can bring years of fun and enjoyment.

Today, the biggest demand is a swimming pool design that integrates natural elements. For instance, a free-form pool is more preferred than the usual rectangular shape.

Aside from a swimming pool, there are other great water features you can add to your yard. These include:

  • Ponds – A pond can have vibrant koi fish with water lilies floating on top. It can also just be an empty, clean body of water for pleasure and reflection. Like a swimming pool, you could integrate a beautiful waterfall in your pond to add a nice sensory and aesthetic touch to your outdoors.
  • Fountains – A water fountain is not always a water-guzzling feature for a yard, like what some people might think. Rather, it can be designed to recycle water by feeding the flowing water back into the fountainhead. This is an excellent lawn addition since it fills the air with moisture, providing relief to you, your family, and even to the nearby plants.

2. Softscapes

Soft landscaping is becoming popular nowadays. This refers to the process of working with landscape elements not involving construction. For an object to be qualified as softscape, it must be planted. So these elements include trees, turf, and shrubs.

A garden with lush, healthy foliage is a great option. Be sure though to choose plants that are suitable for your area’s specific climate. Also, create a garden that is well-presented and low-maintenance. To ensure success, you must test your soil first, learn about other gardens in your neighborhood, and hire a reputable landscape designer to create a scheme that works best in your property.

3. Decks

By building a deck, you can instantly create an outdoor room. In fact, this outdoor improvement can provide you with the highest return on your investment, especially if you add a cover.

A retractable awning is a good option as this allows you to enjoy sunny days. Screening the deck is also a smart idea if you don’t want evening insects to bother you each time you want to extend the hours you spend outdoors.

4. Patios

A patio can instantly transform your yard into a comfortable outdoor living space. Apart from this outdoor space being used to wine and dine, this lawn addition can make your property more appealing as well. This acts as a bonus living area that doesn’t have to be cooled or heated.

Elevate your patio by setting up lounge chairs and other patio furniture that will help you feel cozy and relaxed after a busy day. Also, a well-designed patio will let you take your cooking out of your kitchen. For instance, you can cook burgers and steaks on the grill and have a pleasant dinner in your yard while listening to your favorite music from your iPod or smartphone.

5. Pergolas

A pergola is an outdoor improvement that helps define your space and provides moderate shade. This sheltered structure can give you an outdoor living space where you have the opportunity to add lights, curtains, and greenery. You can connect it to your home or perhaps have it installed in the middle of your yard.

Your yard is not merely an outdoor space; it can also be an extension of your abode. It offers a space to make lasting memories with your family and friends and adds significant value to the property in the eyes of potential buyers. The space can also be transformed as an extension of your personality so you can freely express yourself and truly enjoy the pleasures of living in your own home.

Dream big and enlist the help of experienced swimming pool and landscaping contractors to achieve your vision. And once you’ve achieved the outdoor space of your dreams, don’t forget to perform regular outdoor home cleaning maintenance or invest in a high-quality maintenance service to make sure that your outdoor space is always at its most beautiful and functional.


Rachel Hennessey manages the Pools and Landscaping Division of Hennessey LLC. She also works on Tender and Pre-Qualification and brings in new business to the company’s Construction, Interiors and Civils Division.

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