5 Easy Ways to Help Your Tween Personalize Her Room

Parenting can be a challenge, and there are always obstacles you hadn’t anticipated. As your little girl grows up, she’ll want to start making her mark on her bedroom and expressing her identity. Check out these easy ways to help her personalize her room.

Fun pillows

Your daughter wants a cool way to express herself. Fun pillows are an easy and cost-effective way for her to show off who she is. She can get pillows with her initials for her bed or a cute papasan chair. She can also change the pillows with the seasons, adding a Christmas tree pillow in December or a heart pillow for Valentine’s Day. Pillows are one of the easiest ways to give her a chance to express what she likes, without having to invest time and energy into a big remodel of her room.

Temporary wall art

Your daughter might have posters on her walls, but if she’s now considering classier options, look for temporary wall art. She can get posters she already has framed and hung, which will look better and won’t cause damage to the walls.

A set of words for the wall would also create a more put-together look in the room and will express what she values. She can choose quotes to frame and put on the wall. She could get wooden initials to put on her door, identifying her room to any guests. Wall art is a great solution if your daughter is sick of her boring walls.

Funky furniture

Cool furniture helps your daughter express herself and what she likes while also being practical. Additional seating in her room provides a place for her friends to sit. The addition of a vanity gives your daughter somewhere to experiment with makeup before she begins wearing it.

As she grows older, you might want to add a desk to her room that she can start to use for her schoolwork. Have her help you pick out the desk and the chair. Giving your daughter a choice in what furniture goes in her room means she will value her objects and treat them well.

Permanent changes that add value

If your tween is set on doing something permanent to her room, like painting the walls or changing the windows, you might want to consider what she’s saying. Chances are she knows what her friends have (or what HGTV recommends) and might have a better idea of what she likes than you do.

You and your daughter can create changes that look great and add value. If you’re going to paint the walls, go for a color that will be versatile in the future (i.e. not hot pink or orange). If the carpet is old, consider giving your daughter hardwood floors and buying her a rug. This kind of change will add value to your home while also making your daughter happy.

Clever storage solutions

As your daughter grows up, she begins to own more personal items. Consider adding some clever storage solutions to her room. You could upgrade her bed to one that includes a significant amount of storage, with drawers underneath the mattress or cubby holes behind the pillows. This gives your daughter more storage space and will help keep her room clean.

Buying your tween a bench for her room gives her a place to put things, a space for friends to sit, and the perfect spot for her fun pillows. Consult your daughter and find out what cool storage solutions she’d like in her room.

Having a teenager can be difficult, so before your daughter gets too old, work with her to create a fun and personal bedroom she will love.

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