Why Clutter Causes Pest Problems

Many people don’t realise that having a cluttered home or garden will increase your chances of having a pest problem. Clutter is something that must be eliminated if you want to keep your home as pest free as possible.

Here are some of the reasons why clutter contributes to pest control problems.

  • If you have a lot of clutter, it will collect dust and dirt over time because you won’t be able to clean it as often as you should. Dust, dirt and fibres form the basis of a lot of pests nests, so having clutter can lead to pests infesting your home.
  • Having clutter in your home may also mean you miss food scraps that are dropped throughout the day. These act as food sources for pests. This is a huge problem, because having an available food source makes pests very attracted to your property. A great way to prevent pests even coming into your home in the first place is to make sure there are no available food sources for them to eat.
  • Clutter means pests have lots of places to hide. Pests will love to build their long term home in your house if you have available hiding spots that are safe for them. This is another reason you really need to make sure you de-clutter your home on a regular basis. You also must make sure that you have a great cleaning routine in place to stop the dirt from building up.
  • Clutter can hide a lot of things as well as pests, such as repairs. If you don’t spot a repair in a certain area of your home because of clutter, it could lead to a whole lot of problems with pests. Keep on top of all the repairs around your home. Don’t let the pests gain easy access through holes in the walls or broken windows.

Cleaning and organising your home is something that isn’t enjoyed by a lot of people, but it’s imperative to do to make sure you don’t have a pest infestation to deal with, as well as a cluttered home.

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