What is the difference between the 4-blade and 5- blade ceiling fan

The ceiling fans since they were introduced in the market have evolved drastically. If one was to see the ceiling fan introduced at that time then he/she might not even recognise the fan if he/she is comparing it with today’s fan. The ceiling fans have not only become fast but also efficient. These machines have been undergone the microscope of the human mind and emerged better every time. Today not only we ceiling fans which are much faster in their angular speed but they are also efficient in their airflow to current input or energy intake ratio.

These machines have become lighter, easy to handle, very much affordable and repairable. The device is very easy to install and uninstall these days and all this has been made possible by the constant research and development of the technology that we had. This development and experiment along with careful study has not only given us better ceiling fans they have also given us various types of ceiling fans. These different types are:

  • Low profile or hugger
  • Standard ceiling fans
  • Damp and wet conditions ceiling fans
  • Commercial and industrial ceiling fans
  • Energy star ceiling fans
  • Dual motor ceiling fans
  • Remote controlled ceiling fans

Not only this but there are various ceiling fans which have 4 or 5 blades instead of three with which we are all acquainted with. The three blade fan is used in countries like India where speed is required in the airflow and sudden and strong gusts are required for the cooling of the room. The 4 and the 5 blade fans are totally another thing and we are not all familiar with the category. The major differences between the 4 blade and the 5 blade fan are as follows:

  • One of the major differences that there is between these two types is of the aesthetic taste and the décor requirement.
  • In a fact that if the number of blades is increased then there is drag and by the laws of physics this will slow down the motor. Thus as the number of blades is increased the fan speed decreases and the fan delivers or circulates less air. Thus 4-blade circulates more air than the 5-blade ceiling fan.
  • The noise also has a blade factor and as the number of blades is increased the noise decreases considerably.
  • The more the number of blades the better is the aesthetic demeanour due to the symmetric nature of the design.
  • The fan is much more balanced when there are more number of blades in it.
  • When we talk about the performance difference between the 4 blade fan and the 5 blade fan then there is not much difference noticed because due to the recent developments all the fans are made to perform near about the same but when we compare them to the 3 blade then that is another scenario. The 2 blade or the 3 blade fans are really fast and they have a very strong airflow as compared to the 4 blade and 5 blade ones.

These fans are generally used for convection purposes where there is air conditioner installed.

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