Safe Removals London Explained

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Removing safes and relocating them is a task that is easier said than done because they can be incredibly bulky and heavy. Safes are an expensive investment, which is why it is unthinkable to purchase new safes when shifting or relocating to a new place. Moreover, individuals who are moving homes or business premises often find it impossible to remove and re-sit safes without professional help. Also, many a time, there are Asbestos fibres present within the safes; this can pose serious risks, which is why it is necessary for professionals who have had relevant training to handle these and dispose them of safely. When removing or re-sitting a safe, with the help of safe removals London companies, there are five factors to take into consideration:

– Type of Safe

– Manufacturer and model of the safe (if possible)

– External dimensions of the safe

– Whether combinations or keys of the safe are available to facilitate easy opening (which in turn makes the process of moving easier)

– Location of the safe

The safe removals London services are not used for the purpose of shifting only. In many cases, it is a matter of moving it from one floor to another. Usually, individuals call upon safe removal experts when the access is limited and stairs are the only option that they have. Awkward and heavy items such as safes are a pain to move, especially in case of staircases, which is why professional services are the best option. Moreover, you will also be reducing the risks of injuring your back when lifting such a heavy item!

On an average a medium sized safe can weigh anywhere between 300-500 kilograms, something that is beyond the possible range of lifting for a layman. Needless to say large safes would weigh even more. Thus, a lot of times, specialist lifting equipment also come into the picture for removing or relocating these. This type of service is beneficial not just for domestic customers but also commercial ones. After all, commercial buildings tend to have a larger number of safes, therefore the need for professional help for removing these would be even greater!

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