Different Types of Wall Décor Items

Wall decors provide designer statement to your rooms. There are a wide range of wallpapers, wall stickers, hangings, wall plates, show pieces etc. which can be called wall decors. They are available in vibrant colours and designs for one to choose from which can enhance the dignity of their rooms. I, in Kraftly have found several such wall decors, home décor items which I am sure you are also going to love. Some of them I have mentioned below-

  • Wallpapers

Wallpapers are the extra layer of sheet on the wall having different designs. They are available in a wide range of modern/contemporary, floral, bollywood themed, Hollywood themed, band themed, sports themed, and many more types. Wallpapers with pictures of superstars, rock stars, cricketers, wrestlers, cartoons are also available. They provide ones rooms with a different look which ordinary walls do not give.

Key Hooks / Holders

  • Wall sticker

 Wall stickers are the small stickers to put on the walls. These add a different style statement to your place by beautifying the walls. One can put them behind the staircase, in the drawing room, around the switchboard, kitchens glorifying the look of the place. Some of the companies provide cartoon, stars, god, moon, birds, couple, cutlery themed, and many abstract arts stickers. You should go for either of them if you are willing to enhance the style quotient of your place.

  • Sun and moon metal hangings

The sun denotes power and the moon denotes peace, if you are willing have perfect balance of both in your lives, you should go for these. If you are a spiritual person these shall be the very option for you. These shall influence your lifestyle giving positive vibes in your lives.

  • Hand painted Dutch wall plate

These hand painted Dutch plates which are used to decorate your walls just look awesome. The paintings basically consist of floral and abstract art designs painted with some really delicate hand paintings with eye catchy colors. One can go for such wall decors for getting a classic look in their drawing rooms, restrooms, clubs, beside staircases, hotel lobby etc.

Thus, if you choose from the wide range of products that are available in Kraftly or other online shopping websites you shall not be a loser. The products provide your room with a designer statement, elegance to your rooms. If you have a kid, these will keep them fascinated. Wall decor online are the quite popular these days for beautifying the glory of your place.

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