4 Benefits of Low E Glass

There are countless benefits to Low E Glass, it’s desirable for its ability to meet the ever-increasing demands of customers. Low E glass or low emissivity glass is extremely thin and is applied to improve energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency.

Express Toughening can help you to reduce your energy bills. By applying Low E Glass, you have the opportunity to provide a layer of insulation, separating the inside from the outside. Take the Planibel A Toughened glass, for instance, this has high ranking window energy and can be used for laminate, single or double glazing.

Providing comfort.

If you find yourself sat in the coldest room of the house, then why don’t you do something about it? No matter how high you have the heating turned on, this area doesn’t warm up, so what can you do? At Express Toughening they can ensure that your property retains a consistent temperature, throughout the house, which can save you money as well as keep you warm!

Likewise, a room that’s renowned for getting unbearably hot in the summer could benefit from Low E coating or low iron coating glass. This type of glass is perfect for providing a balance between hot and cold throughout the entire year.

Installing Low E Glass can absorb heat and warm the room. This glass can provide you with a cost-effective solution, as well as ensuring you feel comfortable within your own home!

Uses throughout the summer.

Express Toughening supply a range of Low E Glass and Low E coating that reflects heat away from the exterior of the property. The low emissivity glass reflects heat and light from the sun. An example of this would be the Softcoat Low E Glass provided by Express Toughening, its transparent metallic coating makes is ideal for the summer when the temperature increases.

A Low E Glass window can ultimately enhance the appearance of your property, so don’t hesitate to purchase glass from Express Toughening’s range of low emissivity glass!

Low iron coating

When replacing a window, you may want to take into consideration the efficiency of the glass. Can the glass withstand high temperatures and maintain a quality finish? If you’re looking for a Low E coating glass, you can count on Express Toughening’s Pilkington KOW Toughened glass. This is part of the energy care range supplied by Pilkington at Express Toughening. Although this glass incorporates iron, it offers a clear finish, making it aesthetically enhancing.

To find out more information about Low E Glass, contact Express Toughening today!

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